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Kraus High Speed Internet

Kraus Online satisfies your need for speed! With Kraus Online's high speed Internet access at your fingertips you can:

  • Watch more live sports than ever before with
  • Experience full motion video, CD quality audio, and interactive gaming.
  • Download graphic-intense websites in a snap.
  • Save time by doing more in less time on the Internet.
  • Receive expert customer service and technical support.
  • Count on system monitoring 24 hours a day seven days a week to provide a reliable connection all the time.


Your monthly service includes:

  • Unlimited access
  • Private e-mail addresses
  • 100 MB personal web storage
  • 24/7 technical support monitoring
  • 1TB of data
  • Keep in mind that all speeds are in terms of Kilobits or Megabits!


    Contact Kraus Online for customer service or further information about Internet services. See Kraus Triple Play Service for information about cable/Internet/phone combination packages.

Current Internet Packages

Customers who bundle their internet service with a Kraus Cable TV package receive an additional $10 off of prices below.

Life Line - Speeds up to 384Kb/64Kb        $20

Basic Surfer - Speeds up to 3Mb/512Kb   $30

Stndr User - Speeds up to 7.5Mb/768Kb   $40

Premium User - Speeds up to 12Mb/1Mb $50

Pro-Gamer - Speeds up to 25Mb/2.5Mb    $60

TURBO - Speeds up to 50Mb/5Mb             $85

Dual Turbo - Speeds up to 100Mb/10Mb $135

MAX - Speeds up to 250Mb/50Mb       $175**  

**check for availability in Gardner and Seneca